Web Management

The Internet site of the company must work continuously and uninterruptedly with correct Web Management. Because every potential customer who tries to access it during a failure, with the prevailing probability will go to a competitor. He will not wait for the resource to recover, and he will not care what happened: the server did not stand, there was an attempted hacking or other peripeteia.

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For these reasons, support for the site, which can permanently provide a resource in working order, is very important. Also, the online site should be periodically updated. The process of making changes should not affect the ability of visitors to place orders or read the information. The cost of information and technical support of the site includes all of these works.

Maintenance and technical support of the site includes these points:

  • constant monitoring of the state;
  • care of the stable functioning;
  • ensuring protection against possible attempts to crack and install malicious software;
  • recovery in case of unforeseen and unwanted failures.

The company, which provides technical support for the site, should conduct periodic updates to improve the functionality of the resource. All these actions give customers confidence that their Internet representation will work stably and it will be taken care of in case of emergency. And a stable site is easier to develop, investing in it, which will help to expand the customer base and improve the image in front of existing customers.

The importance of improvements and refinements to support the work of the site

In addition to these services, there may be additional site support; the price, which the service company, will depend on the volume of tasks. They negotiate individually with each customer. The services can be agreed upon once or to designate some of their periodicity.

When ordering a technical support site, the price is determined by what is necessary to the customer and what will be entrusted to the performer. Among the standard works — the initial creation of the site, the development of a logo, vector graphics. Need support site (Kiev) is also because all resources become obsolete over time, they have to refine. Yes, and progress is not standing still: there are new tools, more sophisticated marketing, expanding functionality.

The need for improvement and technical support for the Web site is determined by the following. It is necessary to fulfill the goals and objectives of the site owner, and the resource itself was beneficial — and the owner, and his customers.

Supported website platforms

Our tech stack

Webshops, that we develop, utilize widely-used, free, and open-source software with worldwide support available.

  1. Linux operating system.
  2. Apache web-server.
  3. MySQL database server.
  4. PHP programming language.
  5. Laravel and Yii/Yii2 backend frameworks.
  6. VueJS, React and Angular frontend frameworks.
  7. Twig template processing for PHP.
  8. SASS cascade style sheets extension.
  9. PUG template processing for HTML.
  10. ExtJS, AngularJS and jQuery JavaScript libraries.